Majimon Green


For centuries, humankind hid in remote towns and cities scattered about the kingdom of Verdigris, erecting huge walls and mystical barriers in order to protect themselves from the Monsters that roamed the realm. These Monsters are the modern descendants of those once created by the ancient sorcerers known as maji.

The maji dreamed of combining magic with common beasts to create a weapon that would make their rivals tremble. They failed. Their binding rituals were weak, and they could not control the Monsters that they had created — the ancestors of the MajiMonsters that rule the lands to this day. The maji died out, hunted by their own people for their crime, and humankind retreated to their scattered, walled towns. The Old Empire fell to ruin. All that remained was an overgrown morass and a scattering of dilapidated structures that made up the Southern Wildlands. For many, a life behind walls was all they had ever known. Travel between settlements was rare and dangerous, and those who attempted it were either incredibly brave or foolish. In those days, the only certain thing was fear.

But today is a new day.

It has been nearly two decades since Zarassa the Renewer proclaimed herself Empress. For nearly two decades, bold men and women have taken strides at reclaiming what was lost. For nearly two decades, humankind has been afforded a new hope. Today is a day in the Age of Binders, and today as every day the New Empire grows stronger. Today, MajiMonsters are as much allies as foes, and some of the deepest bonds are forged between human and Monster. But something villainous is still at play. Something old and awful has survived to disrupt this balance. Though fallen to ruin centuries ago, echoes of the lost Old Empire still persist to threaten humankind’s recent progress.

And where villains loom, heroes must arise. Alas, to arise, heroes must first be found, and trained, and tested. You arrive on chartered ships from all across Verdigris, invited by the Archmage and Consort Amelie to undergo the Binding Trials. These are the final tests between you and the official rank of Binder, held every five years on the birthplace of the Binders, Crescent Island. You disembark at the pier, clutching your belongings and your single, precious occupied drajule, and are directed towards the Hall of Trials.

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