Daris Kerkonnen


Class: Ranger/Knight
Archetype: Survivalist
Authority: 4
HP: 20/20

Interaction 2 Knowledge 4 Vigor 3
Guile 2 2d4 Education 5 2d6 Athletics 8 2d8
Perception 5 2d6 Intuition 5 2d6 Fortitude 6 2d6
Persuasion 2 2d4 Proficiency 5 2d6 Strength 3 2d4
Wits 2 2d4 Survival 8 2d8 Willpower 3 2d4

Class Features & Merits
Pack Leader: You may activate 4 drajules instead of 3
Survival Tactics: Not Today! | Tumbling Retreat
Bond: Multiclass Knight – Bond as per knight champion, may only bond to 2 Majimon.
Gain one bond ability usable twice per resting.
Galvanizing bond: Until the end of the bonded Mahimon’s turn its speed is increased by its Grade and its movement doesn’t provoke withdrawal strikes.

Majimon (Link to Separate Page)


Age: 24
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 78kg
Skin Colour: Weathered bronze
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown


Inventory & Currency

Item Weight Notes
Backpack 5lb
rope (50ft) 8lb
Survival Knife 1lb
Explorer’s Clothes 6lb
Bedroll 7lb
Tinderbox 1lb
Torches (5) 1/2lb
Hunting Trap 20lb
Fishing Tackle 4lb
Mess Kit 1lb
Rations (1 day) 2lb
Waterskin 1/2lb
Empty Drajule
Sack (10) 1/2lb
Imperials Suls Eyes
0 0 0

Daris Kerkonnen

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