Theo Barald Casmann


Class: Scholar
Archetype: Aetherist
Authority: 3
HP: 20 / 20

Interaction 3 Knowledge 4 Vigor 2
Guile 4 2d4 Education 8 2d8 Athletics 2 2d4
Perception 5 2d6 Intuition 7 2d6 Fortitude 2 2d4
Persuasion 5 2d6 Proficiency 5 2d6 Strength 2 2d4
Wits 5 2d6 Survival 4 2d4 Willpower 5 2d6

Class Features & Merits

Monster Lore: Utility Action: Make an Education roll. 7+, Name, Affinity & Vulnerability/Resistances. 9+ Species starting & optional traits. 11+ Two current techniques.

Breed Qualities: (Pg: 36) Inherit Size | Inherit Trait

Concoctions: (Pg: 22) Spend 6 Hours to make 4 Concoctions. Healing (Heal 10 HP / Grade, and Bleeding. Regen HP 1 / Grade for next 1 Min – Combat + Utility Action) | Panacea (Recover all Check based conditions. For next 1 Min, +1 to end conditions – Combat + Utility Action)


MajiMon Traits

Astute: When monster takes dmg its vulnerable to, +2 bonus to Prot & Disc until start of next turn
Harmonious: Can activate a Grit Technique w/o spending Grit. Must rest 6 Hours to use this ability again
Resolute: If Monster fails to end a condition, it’s next check to end that condition is empowered w/o spending Grit
Affinity Change: Choose 1 affinity, replace with another (inc Resistances/Vulnerabilities)
Balanced: Lose one vulnerability, and one resistance
Impulsive: When gains benefit of my concoction, 5 foot step
Reactive: When suffers an empowered dmg roll, its next dmg role before end of it’s turn is empowered w/o spending Grit
Receptive: When gains benefit of my concoction, recovers 2HP / Grade


Age: 40
Height: 5’8’’
Weight: 65kg
Skin Colour:
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue

Background: Tycoon

Inventory & Currency

Item Weight Notes
Fine Clothes
Signet Ring
Tab of Sealing Wax
Apothecary Kit
Adventurers Kit
Scroll Case
Ink (inc. Quill)
Parchment x3
Empty Drajule
Imperials Suls Eyes
0 7 0

Theo Barald Casmann

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